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Our clinic was founded in the 60's by Dr. Rodrigo Dominguez Estevez, a pioneer of nuclear medicine in Malaga where he founded the first Department of Nuclear Medicine, both public and private health.

Today their children, the doctors Dominguez Mayoral, specialized in radiology continues to serve our patients both Radiology and Nuclear Medicine, and is therefore one of the Centers for Diagnostic Imaging fuller Malaga.

Dr. D. Javier Domínguez Mayoral is a sonographer experienced, and with extensive training in all areas of Radiology.

Dr. D. Rodrigo Domínguez Mayoral after developing his career in Pediatric Radiology in the U.S. has joined our firm in 2008.

We are open to all companies and the general public to offer our services within a welcoming and well trained staff to help you resolve your concerns.

Familia Domínguez Mayoral